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How to Decorate your Apartment Balcony for the Holidays

We all know (okay I know) that one of the best parts of decorating your home is decorating the exterior. One of my favorite past times is driving around nearby neighborhoods and seeing the beautiful neighborhood Christmas and holiday lights. I have always looked forward to being able to light up my home one day; however, that day is not today. I am still a college student living in an apartment. BUT! There is a way I (and you!) can still enjoy decorating the exterior of your apartment/condo/etc! THE BALCONY! Honestly, I didn’t even think of doing this until a few weeks ago. In mid-November, our apartment managers sent out a flyer. Not just any flyer! The top stated, in big bold beautiful letters “BALCONY CONTEST” with a cute Christmas tree image. I ripped the flyer out of my husband’s hands and quickly read what my next project would be.…

Easy Holiday DIY Deco Mesh Garland

Decorating your home can be a challenge! Especially on a budget. Decorations can be expensive and extremely time-consuming to put together. Just setting up the decorations can take days! But, one of my favorite money and time hacks is garland! Garland (can be) cheap and easy to put together. It can truly make your home look like it is completely decked out! This DIY garland was my complete lifesaver to decorating our apartment balcony. I was having a terrible time decorating our balcony and had little inspiration. But, after coming up with this garland (with plenty of Pin-spiration) I was able to not only create a beautiful balcony but do it quickly and on a budget! This is a deco-mesh garland, made of 100% weatherproof material (so indoor/outdoor use). I was able to make each strand for about $7 each! Garlands this large can run you about $40 on a…